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Each phone has a built-in option to scan and recognize codes, but unfortunately, it does not always work or does not work correctly. 🔊

We paid attention to the complaints of our users and worked on an effective QR code scanner. The peculiarity of our qr code scanner application is that it can scan of QR code. 👌


However, scanning is not the only barcode scanner option!

But there are also other functions of qr code reader here, for example:
• remembering the history of codes
• generating your own unique code
• sending the code through social networks and instant messengers 💟

Are you walking down the street and you see ads with a QR code? Or do you want to share something quickly with a large number of people? or do you need to transmit some kind of encrypted information discreetly? All this can be done with the help of the qr app! But how do you create it? 🛠

💥 One of the most convenient options in our menu scanner application is the creation of your unique code in which you can hide any information. You open the link or file that you encrypt and press create and that's it - the qr code is ready for you! You can also share it through any apps, for example, distribute it through social networks and instant messengers via bar scanner.

QR codes are available to everyone

⬇Get for free ⬇ a new qr code scanner and analyze any kind of codes! The program will be understandable to any user as the design is intuitive. If you will have some troubles, our support will always help you! Download and try out the new QR code reader with scan, creation, and sharing features! The product scanner is useful to everyone.

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